Jonas is the last scholar of an old master who is trained in special century-old martial arts. But the world around him has fallen apart. Industrial and political economics have collapsed and after long, violent civil wars anarchy is beginning to take over.

Bosco, son of a cruel and violent war lord wants to re-build his fathers former empire. With the help of his evil sister Kleo Bosco murders Jonas' master and steals the book which describes and depicts the powerful skills he is after. With this new knowledge, Bosco starts training a powerful army so he can enslave the whole country.
But Jonas survives the assassination. Months later he starts out to avenge his master's death and recover the stolen book.

On his journey he meets a gang of street kids who are hiding from Bosco's raids. Jonas joins up with Vinzent their sympathetic leader and forms them into a resistance group. Together they take up the battle against Bosco and his troops. Jonas also falls in love with Marie Vinzent's beautiful sister.

Jonas and his friends force Bosco onto the defensive. Bosco fights back and uses his most powerful weapon.
To defend his master's honor and save the lives of his friends, Jonas has to take the challenge and battle against his most dangerous enemy face to face.

A merciless fight begins...